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Oxidation Stability of Steam Turbine Oils by Rotating Pressure Vessels – ASTM D 2272 / ASTM D 2112 / IP 229

Model Code:
SEWRB01 (2 place apparatus)
SEWRB02 (4 place apparatus)

The test apparatus determines oxidation stability of new and in-service turbine oils and other industrial oils. Generally the test is carried out in pressurized test vessel in presence of water and copper catalyst at 150OC. The amount of time required for specific drop in pressure which is the measure of oxidation stability. The test apparatus provided in accordance with ASTM D 2272, ASTM D4742, IP 229 test methods. The apparatus comprises of oxidation oil bath, oxidation pressure vessels, pressure recorder, pressure measurement system, copper catalyst, beakers, etc. with computer for data transfer & storage.

Heating bath The constant temperature liquid heating bath SS / MS mfg.
Oxidation vessel SS made pressure vessel body, cap, closure ring and stem. chrome-plated closure ring.
Pressure recorder Rotary transducer and rotates on magnetic carriage in RPVOT bath.
Glass sample container Borosilicate glass with capacity 175 mL and have a sliding fit in.
Control panel PID type, digital temperature indicator cum controller, set point, continuous display.
Recording devices Electronic pressure transducer, bomb couplings, data acquisition card, software, etc.
Recommended spares Copper catalyst wire, pressure vessel support racks, Oxygen charging Accessories, etc.



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