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Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Greases by the Oxygen Pressure Vessel method – ASTM D 942 / IP 142 / DIN 51808

Model Code:
SEWOS11 (Liquid bath 4 place)
SEWOS12 (Liquid bath 6 place)
SEWOS13 (Liquid bath 8 place)
SEWOS21 (Aluminium Block 4 place)
SEWOS22 (Aluminium Block 6 place)
SEWOS23 (Aluminium Block 8 place)

The apparatus is used for the standards test on properties preventing oxidation and corrosion of metals. It is used for testing the oxidation characteristics of steam turbine oils, distillate fuel oils, extreme pressure lubricating oils, sledging tendencies of inhibited mineral oils, inhibited steam-turbine oils, hydraulic oils and circulating oils, etc. at an elevated temperature. This test is carried out in the presence of oxygen, water, and copper and iron metals. The oil sample is contacted with oxygen in the presence of water and an iron-copper catalyst at 95°C. The test continues until the measured acid number of the oil is 2.0 mg KOH/g or above.

Oxidation cellsBorosilicate glass consist test tube, condenser, and oxygen delivery tube.
Constant temp. bathThe constant temperature liquid heating bath, SS / MS or Aluminium solid block.
TubingThe supply and transferring tubes made from inert corrosive PVC material.
Rotameter assemblyRotameter with flow control valve, gauge, filter.
Control PanelDigital temperature indicator cum controller.
Recommended SparesASTM 12 C Thermometer. Forceps made up of SS 304. Set of glassware / test tubes.
Catalyst wire for cooling purpose for the apparatus. Optional cooling coil.



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