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Oxidation Stability of Distillate Fuel Oil – ASTM D 2274 / IP 388

Model Code:
SEWOS31(Liquid bath 4 place)
SEWOS41(Aluminium Block 4 place)
SEWOS32(Liquid bath 6 place)
SEWOS41(Aluminium Block 4 place)
SEWOS33(Liquid bath 8 place)
SEWOS41(Aluminium Block 4 place)

These Standards describe a test on properties preventing oxidation and corrosion of metals. the apparatus is eight place assembly for testing the oxidation characteristics of filtered middle distillate fuels. The test apparatus is also used for steam turbine oils, extreme pressure lubricating oils, inhibited steam-turbine oils, hydraulic oils, etc. at elevated temperatures. Basically a 350 ml by volume of filtered middle distillate fuel is aged at 95oC (203oF) for 16 hours. The oxygen is bubbled through sample at a rate of 3 Lit/hour. The sample is then cooled to room temperature and filtered to obtain the filterable insolubles. The sum of the filterable and adherent insolublesfound after test is reported as total insolubles accordingly.

Heating Bath The constant temperature heating bath manufactured of Aluminium block heater/oil bath.
Oxidation Cells Borosilicate glass material consisting test tube, condenser and oxygen delivery tube.
Supply Tubing Specifications as per standard, inert corrosive PVC material.
Air flow meters Rotameters with flow control valves, gauges, etc.
Control Panel PLC based embeded touch screen button operation, digital temperature indicator cum controller, set point, continuous display.
Power Supply Electrical supply switches: 2 Nos.220/240 V, 15 amp, 1 phase.
Recommended Spares Apparatus tubings for all connections of the glassware set. Thermometer IP 22C Thermometer. Catalyst Wires : pure copper wire, steel wire, etc.



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