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Oxidation Characteristics of Lubricating Oil – IP 48 / IP 306 / IP 335 / ASTM D 2440 / IS 335 / IS 1448 P:65 / IEC 61125

Model Code:
SEWOC11 (Liquid bath 8 place)
SEWOC12 (Liquid bath 12 place)
SEWOC21 (Aluminium Block 8 place)
SEWOC22 (Aluminium Block 12 place)

These standards describe a method for the determination of tendency of lubricating oils to deteriorate on oxidation under specified conditions. The sample is subjected to severe oxidations by heating at 2000C along with passing air through it at specific flow rate and duration. Kinematic Viscosity & Ramsbottom carbon residue is determined of the oxidized oil. IP / IEC test standard processes prescribes the use of metal catalyst wire / metal specimen to carry test processes.

Heating bath The constant temperature heating bath is made of Aluminium Block heater / Oil bath.
Oxidation tubes Manufactured from borosilicate glass and dimensions as per test standard.
Absorption tubes Specifications as per test standard, help in reduction of objectionable atmospheric odour.
Air flow meters Rotameters having flow rate as per specifications to measure and control air/ oxygen flow.
Control Panel PID type, digital temperature indicator cum controller, set point, continuous display.
Power supply Electrical supply switches: 2 Nos. 220/240 V,15 amp, 1 phase.
Recommended Spares Copper wire, metal catalyst as per test standard requirement. Soap bubble flow-meter tube.
Silicon rubber tubes for all connections of the glassware set. IP 22C Thermometer.
Air flow regulator with pressure gauge, safety valve with air filter, moisture trap.



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