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Hydrolytic Stability of Hydraulic Fluids (Beverage Bottle Method) – ASTM D 2619 / DIN 51348

Model Code
SEWHS01 (6 test bottles)

This test method is used for the determination of the hydrolytic stability of petroleum or synthetic-base hydraulic fluids. The sample of 75 g of fluid plus 25 g of water and a copper test specimen are placed in a pressure-type beverage bottle. The bottle is rotated, end for end, for 48 hours in an oven at 93°C (200°F). Layers are separated and insoluble are weighed. Weight change of copper is measured. Viscosity and acid number changes of fluid and acidity of water layer are determined. The equipment is rugged construction and the accuracy, precision, safety repeatability and reliability is ensured with appropriate design & instrumentation.

Air oven Temperature controlled, accommodates beverage bottles with
rotating shelf.
Beverage Bottles Pressure type glass bottles, capacity of 200 ml.
Capping press for beverage bottles as per standard procedure requirement.
Caps and inert seals Seals for perfect sealing as per ASTM D 2619 standard
Filtration Assembly SS screen, glass, membrane type 47 mm dia. with other glassware.
Filter membrane The standard cellulose filter, 47 mm diameter with 5 micron pore
Control panel PID type, digital temperature indicator cum controller, set point time totalizer.
Power supply CFPPElectrical supply switches: 2 Nos. 220/240 V, 15 amp, 1 phase.
Recommended Spares Forceps, ASTM 12 C thermometer, QQ-C-56A,
16-22B quality copper strips, filtration Membrane, etc.



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