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Freezing Point Apparatus for Aviation Fuels – ASTM D 2386 / IP 16

Model Code
SEWFA01 (Single place assembly)
SEWFA02 (Two place assembly)

This apparatus is used for the determination of the freezing point of aviation fuels in controlled laboratory conditions. The temperature of the fuel in the aircraft tank normally falls during flight depending on aircraft speed, altitude, and flight duration. The freezing point of the fuel must always be lower than the minimum operational tank temperature. This test method covers the determination of the temperature below which solid hydrocarbon crystals may form in aviation turbine fuels (ATF) and aviation gasoline. The fuel temperature at which solid hydrocarbon crystals, formed on cooling, disappear when the temperature of the fuel is allowed to rise under specified conditions of test is recorded as per ASTM D 2386, IP 16 test method.

Cryogenic bath SS/MS mfg., jacketed bath, continuous stirring, accommodated 1/2 test tubes.
Cooling assembly Insulated copper tubing, CFC free refrigerant, air exhaust,
compressor, etc.
Test tube assembly Borosilicate mfg., polymer stopper, holes for stirring & moisture
proof collar, RTD sensor.
Motorized stirring Rod Coil type brass/SS mfg, with motor-gear box assembly.
Frame work Sturdy framework, ground mounted.
Control panel Digital temperature indicator cum controller, precise temperature
Recommended spares Thermometer ASTM 2C, personal computer, printer, test tubes,



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