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Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils – ASTM D 892 / DIN 51566 / IP 146

Model Code
SEWFC01 (Twin oil bath 4 test cylinder)
SEWFC02 (Single oil bath 2 test cylinder)
SEWFC03 (Twin air bath 2 test cylinder)
SEWFC04 (Single air bath 2 test cylinder)

This test method covers the determination of the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils at specified temperatures. This is two bath assembly with Temperature maintained at 24OC and 94.5OC. The liquid bath is used to heat the graduated glass cylinder containing sample to any temperature between ambient to 130OC. A diffuser is mounted on stainless steel or equivalent material tube is used to pass air through the heated sample. By adding cooling accessories / arrangement the test temperature of ~ 24OC is achieved and the test sequences are carried out as stated in ASTM D 892 / IP 146.

Twin bath The constant temperature liquid baths with cooling and heating
Test cylinders Borosilicate glass material, graduated of 1000 ml capacity design
as per test standard.
Flow meters Rubber stopper, air delivery tubes, air outlet tubes and Rotameters, etc.
Diffuser Stone The spherical gas diffuser stone manufactured according to the standard.
Control Panel PID type, digital temperature indicator cum controller, set point, continuous display. set point time totalizer.
Power supply CFPPElectrical supply switches: 2 Nos. 220/240 V, 15 amp, 1 phase.
Recommended Spares Apparatus tubings for all connections of the glassware set.



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