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Corrosion Test Facility Apparatus NACE TM0172 TEST METHOD

Model Code:
SEWCF01. (Liquid bath 4 place assembly)
SEWCF02. (Liquid bath 6 place assembly)
SEWCF03. (Liquid bath 8 place assembly)

This test apparatus is used for the evaluation of ability of various oils, specially corrosive properties of cargoes in petroleum product pipelines, to aid in preventing the rusting if ferrous parts. The test fuel of specified quantity is placed in specially designed Berzelius beaker with a cylindrical specimen as per suggested test parameters for specified time. The sample is stirred and distilled water is added in the system at specific time intervals as per the test standard requirement. Iron specimen is cleaned and corrosion area is tested for getting results. It is a table top model.

Heating bath The constant temperature liquid bath SS/MS mfg. accommodate 4/6/8 nos. Beakers.
Driving assembly Driving belt, electric motor, speed upto 1800 RPM, digital indicator, safety cover.
Stirring assembly ‘T’ shaped stirrers, SS mfg., assembly in inverted ‘T’ format as per test method.
Test beakers & covers Berzelius beaker, Borosilicate mfg, covers dimensions as per the standard.
Control Panel PID type, digital temperature indicator cum controller, set point, continuous display.
Recommended Spares NACE TM 0712 test Kit. The ASTM test specimen with specimen holder. (as per ASTM D 665 & TM 0172 test.) ASTM 18C / 21 C thermometers. Silicon carbide abrasive cloths / emery paper: 150 grit / 240 grit / 280 grit.



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