The company was formed in 1976 for manufacturing Aluminum Rolling Oil and Diesel Injector Test Fluid. Subsequently, it has taken up manufacture of various Petroleum Specialties and Lubricant Additives.

Some of the products for which the company has carved its niche in the industry are : Aluminum Rolling Oil, Sulphurised Fatty Oils & Esters, Lead Naphthenates for Lubricants, as well as soluble and Neat Cutting oils for which the company formulates and blends its own emulsifiers and additives.

SARBI a 32 year old group offers complete solution for your lubrication needs.

Entire range of lubricants, additives, specialised products, lubrication system, test equipment & test specimens for the lubrication industry.

The automotive product range consists of monograde and multigrade engine oils, brakefluids, 2 stroke engine oils, gear oils, greases & radiator coolants.

The industrial grades are metal working oils, rust preventives, hydraulic oils, gear oils and other specialty oils.

The company also undertakes Toll Blending of Automotive and Industrial Lubricants. It has its own well equipped Product Development and Quality Control Laboratory with qualified and experienced personnel.